Where Do All Of The WPLJ’s Fans Go?

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    As you may heard by now, WPLJ is ending as of tonight at 7 PM where the station flips to “K-Love”, many of its former listeners from WPLJ might find a station where you can get it audience in the Hudson Valley. There’s WHUD where it plays much as the same as WPLJ, and then in Poughkeepsie, you got WSPK’s “K104”, WPKF’s “KISS-FM” and WCZX’s “Now 97.7”, and in Catskill, you got WCTW’s “The Cat”. That’s how you can gain its listeners from the loss of WPLJ to find a station which is in the Hudson Valley.

    For longtime listeners of WPLJ since the beginning as a rock station, and then its heyday as a Top 40/CHR station in the 1980’s Like “Hitradio 95”, “Power 95” and “Mojo Radio” can listen to the following station like WBPM and WALL where they play a lot of great music from the glory days of WPLJ. And when you are in Albany, there’s WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” where they can bring half of its longtime WPLJ listeners, but you can hear a few classic hits here or there mixing with the 50’s and 60’s oldies to go with it.

    And for listeners from the beginning as a rock station. There’s WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies”, it will bring some of its listeners from its demise, but you’ll hear some rock and pop song that WPLJ played during its glory years when it was a rock station from the very beginning when it was called “New York’s Best Rock”.

    There you go. A list of stations that bring former and longtime WPLJ listeners to go to other stations in the Hudson Valley, and Albany.

    I recorded last weekend of Memorial Day airchecks including WGNY-FM, WROW, WALL and WBPM where they play all of their music that WPLJ used to played them during the last 48 years. I have a bunch of them, and I will post it sometime later.

    After listening to Todd and Jayde’s final moments on their final show this morning, Jayde Donovan was from the Hudson Valley as she mentioned that she worked for WPKF’s “Kiss-FM” and WSPK’s “K104” for many years before coming to WPLJ with Todd.


    Come Monday, the happy people working inside the steel and concrete offices of midtown Manhattan will appreciate that well thought out list of scratchy, multipath laden, next to impossible if not impossible to hear fringe FM signals. 😉


    WPLJ was under-performing for several years now, especially after losing Scott Shannon. Most listeners clearly had already moved on, either to WNEW, WKTU, WLTW or even to WNSH and CBS-FM.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    Thank goodness the changeover has come and gone, so the overly vocal angst over the end of a failing station will subside, and we can move on. I haven’t seen this much noisy discussion about a dead station in a very long time. If all those who talked about this great loss to their world actually listened, then perhaps the owners, inept though they be, could have turned a profit.

    As to where the fans go, I hear there is a phone booth about a block from the Toys R Us in (on?) Times Square…




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