WHNK 1450 AM in Parkersburg is no more

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    Eventually, a familiar landmark to those of us in the mid-Ohio Valley, a 350 foot AM tower along Emerson Avenue in north Parkersburg will come a tumblin’ down. The station was taken off the air this week. WHNK was first established in 1935 as WPAR, Parkersburg, West Virginia’s first radio station. Overtures were made to purchase the station, but to no avail, at least up to this point. True to its present calls, it ran classic country.


    Were they owned by Clear Channel, I noticed the building they are in house all the Clear Channel properties. Its sad to see all the AM Classic Country (55-75) formats slowly going away.


    They were indeed assimilated by the Borg.


    I used to host oldies request shows years ago on that station. While sad to see it go, it was inevitable. Parkersburg has too many radio stations, and WHNK was just no longer viable. Music on radio in general is going to be a tougher and tougher sell, but music on AM?? No way.

    Side note: You’d think sometime in the past 80 years, one of the AM1450 owners would have bought the land that housed the tower.


    WHNK IS BACK heard it on april 29 2015 with a country format and no ads probably testing

    dave wd8cyv i live in PBURG

    not sure where TX is now located i think BOAZ with 910
    a combiner saves pitting up a new tower


    CC / iHeart did a temporary engineering STA on the WNUS tower using a log wire:


    They ran it log enough so they could “reset the clock” (1 Year) then they filed this STA:


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