Why Is WNTY's "Kool 990/96.1" Aren't Running "Wolfman Jack" Anymore?

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    I was listening to WNTY’s “Kool 990/96.1” all this week when my idol “Wolfman Jack” comes on, it repeats the same crap over and over and over and over and over again. All I hear is the same episodes from 3 week ago. Guess what! I have the airchecks from a few weeks ago that I recorded off of “Kool Oldies” and a short of this week, same thing!

    This is getting really frustrating, and why aren’t any new episodes of “Wolfman Jack” anymore? And guess what! I’m officially done with “Wolfman Jack” on “Kool Oldies”, because I’m not going to listen to it anymore, because of too many repeats.

    I prefer “Wolfman Jack” on Saturday nights on WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” which is way better than this, because, it has a new episode without hearing the same stuff over & over & over again.

    Trust me, I love Wolfman Jack, and he is still my #1 show over the other shows that other stations preferred.

    Any thoughts?


    After hearing Wolfman Jack’s “Best Of” shows for a whole week earlier this afternoon, I had to turn it off and I’m not going to listen to it ever again. Because, it keeps repeating the same old same old episodes again, and again, and again, and again. All they did it just rinse, and repeat. I’ll stick with Saturday nights with Wolfman Jack instead of weekday afternoons during lunch break, because of the same problem. I’ll try to put something else on, but not Wolfman Jack.

    I’m still a huge Wolfman Jack fan, and he was the #1 show of all time blowing all of the personalities and the jocks away from many competitors and put the Wolfman on the map.


    And then, on Saturday nights when I was checking, SAME THING!!!! SAME EPISODES!!!! SAME MUSIC!!!! SAME OLD BS!!!!

    This is why I have to turned it off and listen to the other Wolfman Jack on another station which is WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” and thankfully, they got new episodes of Wolfman Jack’s best of shows on Saturday nights. I will listen to my favorite show on that station rather than hearing this same old garbage that has not been running new episodes since the last three weeks. The last show I listened to Wolfman Jack on this station was the beginning of May, and I did recorded it along with the rest of the show that I already have in my aircheck collection. I’m not going to listen to his show on this station ever again. It’s downright boring. I’ll stick to WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” for now to hear Wolfman Jack for now.


    Maybe because Woflman’s dead?  Just a thought.


    Maybe because Woflman’s dead? Just a thought.

    I do agree. I like him a lot, because he was so popular than Dan Ingram did. But thankfully, Dan Ingram also died back in June.

    Thankfully, his “Best of” show is on at noon, and it is in rotation rather than repeats.

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