Will a local station flip to "Classic Hip-Hop"

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    as seems to be a national trend?


    Why do YOU want Rap Oldies so bad?


    My gut response to the initial question is not likely on a full-power stick. If it does happen on a full-power stick, about the only candidate I can think of would be 106.7. I’d think the best chance would be an HD/translator combo.


    I dropped in on the Nashville board after a casual glance at Radio-Locator. The reason for that was a curiosity check — if Nashville had a similar FM sequence to Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

    Well, that ‘casual glance’ actually took a while. Radio-Locator lists 86 stations within range of the city. That’s a bit overdoing it, I’d say. Strictly on a population basis, that means New York City should have 860 stations within range, right? :- )

    And hya Doug Smith and Charles Everett from other radio-board watering holes!

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