Wjjz is gone as of midnight

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    Michael Tozzi has announced that WJJZ format will be gone from 1480am. At midnight


    Is it staying on the HD2? The 104.1 Trenton translator still sounds like smooth jazz.


    Not sure if it’s still available over the air (whether via HD multicast or translator), but iHeartRadio still has a link for JJZ.  The original was replaced by “Breakthrough Radio.”  Until I read the news from AllAccess, I wasn’t sure why “Breakthrough Radio” had suddenly appeared in my favorites.  I had figured my wife listened to it on the Roku and added it not realizing I was signed in.


    The @JJZPhilly Twitter account has been active all day as well, though I suppose that could be automated since it doesn’t mention anything about the station leaving 1480.


    Legal ID at 6:03 on the translator was “WISX HD-2 and 3, Philadelphia.” So I presume it’s staying on the HD.

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