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    I ask this because I’m really curious, and I am not judging or being sarcastic.

    How is it possible that a Catholic non-commercial, station has become home to so many former professional (commercial) broadcasters? I am referring to the announcer line-up of WJMJ (Catholic Radio 88.9 plus some translators), which includes several ex-DRC-FM jocks and other Hartford radio people, working a format of non-offensive pop songs interspersed with words of faith from Father John, Connecticut’s long standing “radio priest.”

    How can the Catholic Church (The Office of Radio and Television) pay professional salaries, and is the on-air staff “vetted” to ensure they live by church standards? I.E, if someone is non-Catholic and/or divorced, can they still work there? When I think of Catholic radio, I think of a volunteer staff playing Christian hymns and lots of lectures about Catholic faith, plus daily Mass.

    Finally – and again, I’m not being sarcastic – after working in the frenetic world of commercial radio  – answering phones, recording callers on a shortcut editor and balancing live traffic updates – why would anyone want to sedately backsell a few oldies and read a PSA or two, then repeat as needed? I am truely missing something here.

    Thanks for any input,

    Peter Miller



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