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    Warren Hodges Jr

    Yesterday, Sunday , April 9 , just one day shy of the expiration of their construction permit 94.7 WJVQ-LP Poughkeepsie signed on the air. I see they have applied for a license to cover.
    Although licensed to Poughkeepsie WJVQ -LP ( very Low Power actually) the transmitter is 2.5 KM northwest of Esopus . With an ERP of only 3 watts and transmitter output of just 14 watts ,I doubt they provide much service to Poughkeepsie. Initially I have found the station puts a listenable signal into most of Hyde Park, but it fades quickly in the southern part of town. It disappears into a clash with a weak WNSH, Newark , by the time it reaches Poughkeepsie’s east side. I have not been to the west side of Poughkeepsie, near the Hudson River, actually only a few miles away.Actually the proposed service couture seems fairly accurate.
    I assume the power reduction to just 3 watts is due to the elevation of the transmitter site.
    The location of WJVQ-LP offices on the FCC application is in the southeast part of Poughkeepsie. Aren’t they required to at least reach the site of their studios/ offices? I don’t see that happening without some high end equipment, including a filter for WNSH and a good antenna.
    The station owned by New York Catholic Radio. Thus far when I checked they were programing Christian music.



    Poughkeepsie has become a little translator Capitol hasn’t it?!?!?  Holy Smokes.  Drive from Arlington High School on Route 55, cross the Mid-Hudson Bridge and travel North on 9w.  It seems some frequencies will offer 3 different signals in that 10 mile run.

    Poughkeepsie is even making news in the pirate radio world now too.  One in particular on 102.5 is stronger than any of the translators.


    Warren Hodges Jr

    I noticed the pirate on 102.5 last October. They are rather powerful, but apparently nobody has complained to the FCC yet.
    WJVQ- LP does reach northwest Poughkeepsie better than the east side, probably because of the open area of the Hudson River. but it is a bit choppy. I have not ventured into the city itself, but with only 3 watts it won’t take much to stop the signal.
    I don’t think they are quite ready to be on the air, but had to begin broadcasting because the construction permit was about to run out. There doesn’t seem to be any satellite feed , just the same few songs repeated and legal ID .



    102.5 was pretty week.  I noticed the other night passing through town.  It sounds as if they are using the Ramsey home transmitter kit that I used to set up once in a while back in the day.

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