WKIP To carry Mets Broadcasts This Season

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    It was announced yesterday that 1450 WKIP will be the Hudson Valley home of the NY Mets this season. The flagship station WOR, NYC comes in ok at night in the Poughkeepsie area, but not as good as WFAN, which used to have the Mets.

    Of course WKIP does not get out much beyond the Poughkeepsie-Hyde Park area at night, but the proposed translator on 98.5 will help that some.

    This move displaces the Hudson Valley Renegades short season A baseball broadcasts. I wonder where they will go.

    The flagship station WOR, NYC comes in ok at night in the Poughkeepsie area, but not as good as WFAN, which used to have the Mets.

    DXing is for geeks. Ordinary people want a clear local signal. It’s why Poughkeepsie hears Rush Limbaugh on WKIP instead of WOR. It’s also why WKIP is picking up the National League champions.


    I remember listening to the Mets on WKIP back when I was a kid.  WKIP was still simulcasted on 96.9 …that was  around 1991 1992


    But back then I was just a ordinary person looking for a clear local signal 😉


    I wondering if WDLC Port Jervis will be picking up the Mets this season. They use to carry the games in the 70s maybe the 60s too.

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    The Met games are back on Capital Region radio too after a long absence as WINU recently signed a three year deal with the Amazins. It’ll be interesting to see how the club’s affiliate list compares to last years. Another pennant winning benefit!


    That would be interesting, but I’m not a Met fan in general, but I remember back around 1993 or 1994 when WKIP used to carried the Mets from WFAN when it was on both 1450 AM and 96.9 FM which was before WRRV came in. WKIP used to be a talk station until 2000 when it flipped to MOR/standards as MOYL until 2006 or 2007 when it flipped back to talk after the station lost the rights to the Mets back in the late 90’s.


    Thankfully, WKXP/WZAD’s “The Wolf” also carries the Yankees from WFAN (formerly WCBS-AM) since 94.3 carried it back in 2003 when it was originally an oldies station as “Cool 94.3” before it became a country station after Cumulus took over from the former Clear Channel (now iHeart Media). But I remember WKNY used to carried the Yankees as well. As of now, I’m a Yankee fan than a Met fan.


    And speaking of the Mets on WKIP, last night, I was listening to my favorite weekend host, Richie Norris (aka “Rockin’ Richie”) on “Saturday Night at the Oldies”, he said that the Mets is coming up with a pre-game, after a few songs, it goes right into Mets which is being simulcast from WOR-AM.

    That’s right! I’ve just heard that WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” in Albany is now carrying Mets baseball from WINU’s “Win 104.5”. I was also at the Duchess County Fair last month when I was listening to Bob Johnson, after the song “Summer” by War was ended, it goes right into CBS Sports Radio for about a half hour until the Mets come on.

    And as you probably know by now, WROW “Magic 590/100.5” is now the new Mets affiliate, and I am not a huge Met fan, but I’m still a Yankee fan, but I hear Mets baseball streaming via TuneIn, but I don’t get it.

    As of now, WKIP-AM still carries the Mets, and now, you’ve got WINU and WROW are now carrying the Mets as well.

    Any thoughts?


    Just to bump this thread, because it’s close to 2 years old and just to let you know that WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” is now carrying New York Mets baseball. Thanks to the demise of WINU’s “Win 104.9” when it was a sports station that didn’t do well, because of WOFX’s “Fox Sports 980” has done well beating out its sports competitor. WINU’s former “Win 104.9” has been carried Mets for a year in Albany, so now, the Mets are now moved to its new home at “Magic”. You can hear Mets play-by=play online at albanymagic.com

    That’s a great idea for WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” to bring the Mets to the Capitol Region, but I’m not a huge Met fan, but I’m a Yankee fan. WKIP is still carrying the Mets this season, but I’m glad that “Magic” will bring the Mets it’s new home. So if you are a Met fan, let’s go Mets!

    BTW, I will be still listening to Richie Norris for “Saturday Night at the Oldies” on Saturday nights for a little while before Mets baseball comes on, but if I can hear the Mets comes on, I will flip to WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” its competitor to hear classic Wolfman Jack on Saturday nights.


    I found this on Magic’s Facebook page that the Amazing Mets are now going to carrying on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” in the Capitol Region. WKIP is own carrying the same game too, so does WOR in NYC. Now you got all three stations that are carrying the amazing Mets at the same time. Take a close peek.


    I was listening to WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” today, and I hear they are now carrying the amazing Mets to the oldies station. Wow! This must be interesting change.

    The Mets has been carried on WINU’s former “Win 104.9” for about two years until the flipped to alternate as “The Alt”, so Pamal decided to move its affiliate to WROW and becomes the NEW Mets affiliate for the Capital Region. You can listen to the Mets play-by-play online at http://albanymagic.com

    Like I said, both WKIP and WOR are still carrying the Mets on a Poughkeepsie station, so does Albany as well.

    I also checked the iHeartRadio app that both WOR and WKIP are not carried the Mets online, because both stations carries talk shows instead of the Mets while “Magic” is running Mets baseball online via TuneIn.

    This is why I’m not a Met fan, but I’m a Yankee fan myself.


    Happy to see my Metsies on Magic!(I don’t root for US Steel) Hope the games bring more listeners to 590/100.5 which I’m listening to more again since the demise of WABY. Magic has fine tuned it’s “Afterhours” shift including more soft standards. This takes some of the sting away from losing the good music of 900AM.


    Now that the Mets season is over, and this has just happened on “Magic 590’s” Facebook page.

    Now that the Mets along with the partnership with iHeartRadio is over. WOR has been the Mets flagship for 5 years when it was Clear Channel, and later iHeart and also carried on WKIP for 4 years, and WBWZ’s “Z93” for a year, and now, no more baseball. The Mets on “Magic” is done. D-O-N-E, DONE!

    I’ve just heard the news that has been going on for months that the Mets are moving to WCBS-AM next season in 2019, and maybe omen of the Hudson Valley stations will have a candidate for a new home for the Mets. It’s going to be on either WGNY-FM at 98.9, and WJGK at 103.1, or it will be on WBNR/WLNA/WGHQ on 1260, 1420, and 920 AM and on 92.5 FM which will be the new flagship for Mets baseball.

    I do remember the time during the regular season that “Magic 590/100.5” carried the “Subway Series” with my favorite team, the Yankees played against the Mets and it was a fun game. I still have airchecks from the past 6 games, and I might put it up on YouTube sometime, and it’s was an amazing run.

    I hope maybe WCBS-AM has a nighttime signal when it reaches but it doesn’t interfere with WBBM, maybe the Mets will be on next year.

    And maybe WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” will no longer carried Mets baseball for the foreseeable future. Mets baseball didn’t last long on “Magic”, because it doesn’t fit the oldies format, so the listeners would end up with WGNY-FM and WBPM which were the two stations that were part of competition. Mets baseball on “Magic” was not a great fit, and on a web stream where they carried the play-by-play via MLB Gameday Audio where you can pay $19 per regular season to listen to the game, but “Magic” should’ve blacked out the game while running the oldies format on the AM side. But that’s not a great idea to put the Mets on 590 and 100.5. That didn’t last long. Last year, the Mets was on 104.9 when it was WINU’s “Win 104.9” when it was originally “The Peak” when it was AAA format prior to sports, but it lasted about two years until the station flipped to alternative music as “Alt 104.9” and moved the Mets to 590 and 100.5 which was a disaster. I’m not a huge Met fan in general, but hate to see it go.

    Thankfully the oldies format is back up and running full time after the Mets season ended staring with the final hour of “Rock, Roll & Remember” hosted by the late, great Dick Clark.

    I hope the Mets will not be returning to “Magic 590/100.5” next season. Bye-Bye Mets!!! We’ll miss you!


    Just to give you an update, after a big opening day, the Mets will no longer be carried on WKIP and WBWZ’s “Z93” anymore, along with the rest of the Mets affiliates in Albany, Glens Falls and other places that carried the Mets games that are no longer being heard. The only Mets station left is WCBS-AM where you can listen to the Mets. Or you can listen to the Mets on GlobalTuners and Gameday Audio from the Official MLB website. Gameday Audio cost $19 per regular season if you are an MLB subscriber, you got to pay for it every year. I’ll give you these two links.


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