WKNY Is Now on 107.9 FM

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    Have you heard the news? We’ve been waiting for a long time, WKNY’s “Radio Kingston” is now being heard on 107.9 FM. I listened to WKNY today and it sounded a lot better on FM at 107.9 than AM is at 1490 AM. The Daily Freeman has posted this article about the new frequency for WKNY at 107.9 FM. Read here.



    The Hyde Park- Poughkeepsie area is outside the translators service area. 107.9 comes in choppy in spots, and fairly clear in others.
    Normally, I cannot receive 1490 WKNY during critical times and overnight. But right now in Hyde Park I am not picking them up at all. Are they operating 1490 on reduced power while completing work on the new tower .


    Yes. There’s repair work going on at the AM site.

    The Temporary AM antenna



    WKNY sure sounds different these days. Are all those new show hosts volunteers?? Outside of Warren there’s no reason for any of the stations previous audience to listen.


    I check out the 107.9 signal in the 9W corridor periodically.  The signal makes Saugerties to the North and it drops out around the Marist Brothers building in Esopus.  Where is comes in is pretty good.  It definitely covers the city and the RDS signal is great.  But like CSpence says, every hour is a vastly different program, especially on the weekend.


    WKNY 1490 AM transmitter is back at full power. In the Hyde Park/ Poughkeepsie area, at mid-day it comes in better than the FM translator.Critical hours and overnights I can’t receive it at all due to all the chatter.

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