WKXP On 93.9 ??/ 88.1 WLHV Silent

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    I was scanning the FM dial on my car radio during a trip from Hyde Park to Catskill NY.
    The radio stopped on 93.9 Crystal clear was a strong signal of the Wolf, 94.3 WKXP Kingston/97.3, Wurtsboro. To be clear this was NOT bleed over. 94.1 was in parts a relay of WALL, or nothing. I checked with another radio with the same result.
    The 93.9 signal began to clash with WNYC, NYC in southern Hyde Park /Poughkeepsie .
    Poughkeepsie has a licensed translator on 93.9 W230CM owned by Charles Williamson . I have never heard anything on it.
    In any event this is not a translator either . The signal covers way to much territory and is too strong. It pretty much duplicates 94.3 WKXP range. It is about as strong in northern Hyde Park as it is in Catskill, which is as far as I traveled.
    Since there is nothing else licensed around here on 93.9 technically it is a pirate. There is no ID on this frequency. Why would someone do this ? The broadcast is not at all the poor quality I would expect from an illegal operation, it is totally professional grade.
    This is weird. Any thoughts on what is going on.
    For at least the past week 88.1 WLHV Annandale-on the Hudson, Robin Hood Radio’s western Dutchess County station, has been off the air. They typically have a poor signal in their City of License , their “tower”is over near Lake Taconic and is partially blocked by the terrain . But now there is nothing .

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