WLNE and WJAR Channel Changes

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    Looks like both WLNE and WJAR are moving channel assignments.  WLNE moves from Ch. 49 to Ch. 24 and WJAR moves from Ch. 50 to Ch. 25.  Does anyone know when both TV stations plan to have their new channel assignments on the air?


    WJAR literally just moved from 51 to 50 about a year ago. Does Sinclair want to add mor sub channels like it’s CHARGE channel.

    Doesn’t WCYN NBC( brand new) broadcast on 25 and map to 15? So how can WJAR go to 25… confused.



    According to the FCC database on rec.com and rabbitears.com, WYCN is on WGBX’s subchannel which is RF43 and it maps to 15.1 and Cozi maps to 15.2.

    I thing WLNE and WJAR have until sometime in 2019 to move to their new channel assignments, which will also include a a new antenna with an elliptical, non-directional signal pattern for both stations, and an increase in antenna height and power boost for WLNE.


    Looks like both stations will have directional signal patterns once the channel transition is completed.  WJAR plans to have a null to the southwest while WLNE nulls towards the northeast.  Any reason why the non-directional patterns?


    These changes are part of the federally mandated spectrum auction. (The “repack”). The allocations and patterns are based on co-channel protections and antenna design.

    In Providence, WPRI-TV moves from 13-7 and changes to the old WNAC tower on Pine St in Rehoboth.
    WSBE moves from 21 to 2, and the above mentioned channels. WNAC-TV, and WPXQ tv don’t change.

    Also WJAR and WLNE have both filed for maximized patterns to be non-directional.

    Sinclair (WJAR) doesn’t have a choice in changing channels. This is the master plan to abandon the spectrum above the 600 MHz mark. As of today, WJAR and WLNE, both phase VII stations, have to have their changes completed by 1/17/2020. They can not change channels permanently until then (other than some testing that can be done).

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