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    Larry Weil

    I was in the Miami area last Wednesday (2/21/18) when WLRN radio and TV killed all programming after 2 PM to broadcast a Miami school board meeting, which went on for hours.  This meant on the day one week after the Parkland shootings there was no All Things Considered or other NPR and PBS programming in the Miami area for the rest of the day as best I was able to determine.  I know the stations are licensed to the Miami school board but this still seems like a lousy decision in light of the recent events.  I’m sure a lot tof the people who contribute to these stations were upset by this, and rightly so!



    I think that it was entirely appropriate. You’re not local. The audience they try to reach is. They have a vested interest in what is being decided.


    As far as the vlisit6y of the audience being upset, considering how many get upset when soap operas are pre-empted due to incredibly severe weather, I would dismiss that concern.


    Larry Weil

    The WLRN signal goes way beyond the City of Miami.



    Let me clarify something: you’re complaining that they weren’t running national, non-local news coverage about an event that was A WEEK IN THE PAST…in favor of live, local coverage of an event of great importance to many of their audience?

    Who died and made you news emperor?  I think WLRN did exactly the right thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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