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    Has the sale to BCI closed? They are jockless and automated this weekend.


    BCI has moved the studio’s to it’s headquarters in north Versailles, they are playing 80’s music.  The new call letters are WKHB FM.I spoke with some of the oldies DJ’s from WLSW they are talking to BCI about Airtime. So far Jeff Allen is doing Saturday Mornings. I don’t  have a start date.


    In the Station ID WKHB FM is loud and clear. Under a whispered WQTW. WQTW has applied for a translator on 97.9 with 250 watts. I see separate programming on 1570 but what.


    The shame of it is the owners of 103.9 now have some decent stations. The problem is they put absolutely no advertising, no promotion, no updated website, no streaming, etc. It’s as if they are operating from a business model of 30 years ago.

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