WLVI sold in auction – will be subchannel of WHDH

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    WLVI-TV will be going in the auction. It will become a subchannel of WHDH-TV. Owner of both stations, Ed Ansin, says he got “a lot of money”…

    Here is a Boston Globe link which may or may not work, due to their paywall:




    A question for engineering types:

    Since four channels (or even more; WBPX-68 here in Boston has a main channel and five other digital sub-channels) can be squeezed-into a single digital TV signal, I would think that the CW affiliate and the Buzzr “diginet” (the latter carries classic game shows) can all easily fit into WHDH-7’s signal.

    Given that, could what is now WLVI-56 still be “mapped” as Channel 56.1 and Buzzr “mapped” as Channel 56.2 for over-the-air viewers??

    I would think that this would be the end of the WLVI call letters being used by a Boston TV station. Look for either a TV station broadcasting on “mapped” Channel 56 in another city or a radio station broadcasting on 560 kilohertz to quickly snap-up the WLVI calls.

    And if the Globe article is correct (as regards how much WLVI’s “spectrum” is worth), WHDH/WLVI owner Ed Ansin may make at least twice as much money selling WLVI for spectrum use than what he had been offered by NBC in late 2015 for WHDH.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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