WMEX request for silent STA

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    Ed Perry has filed for WMEX to go silent temporarily, because of 1) loss of internet connection at current site, 2) to move the transmitter to the WATD site in Brockton, and 3) to work with the landlord to get enough AC power there for a 10 KW transmitter:



    Dennis DiNapoli on Remembering WMEX Facebook:
    “Update on WMEX 1510
    And WBMS 1460
    Sometime late October”


    Updates via the NEW ENGLAND RADIO STATIONS Facebook Group

    Ed Perry:
    Looks like we’ll have WMEX on the air soon with 10 kw day, 2 kw critical hours, and at least a watt or two at night. Our soon to be constructed FM translator should help the night coverage a bit but I think the audio stream will be our best tool when darkness sweeps over the Quincy swamp. With luck we’ll get some local Thanksgiving football games on the air live and then on the Friday after it’s regional morning news followed by good old rock and roll presented live by former WMEX djs who truly know the the history of the music.I’ll let you all know when we schedule the opening celebration party. Bringing WMEX back with great music has always been a dream of mine. My thanks to all the radio folks who have helped to make that dream come true.

    Eli P.:
    1510 WMEX is transmitter testing right now with a simulcast of 95.9 WATD. Good signal here in Somerville.


    Am getting WMEX 1510’s simulcast of WATD 95.9 fairly well here in Beverly as we approach sunset


    On the Remembering WMEX facebook group today the word comes via Ed Perry (and Dennis Jackson) that the station will sign on again today and stay on, first with a WATD simulcast and then eventually with local original programming. Other than short periods of testing/keeping the license alive, the station has not regularly broadcast since the

    previous owners (Renegade Radio/Daly XXL) took it dark in late June of 2017.


    WMEX 1510 Quincy back on, simulcast of WATD.Original programming by Jan., maybe oldies weekends via WATD? WBMS 1460 Brockton should hit air later in month. Perry said in a recorded piece FCC gave them permission yesterday.


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    Now that WMEX is downgrading to 10kw day and100 watts night  can WLAC drop their  nighttime Directional Antenna?


    WBMS 1460 Brockton MA back on with simulcast of WATD 95.9 (as is WMEX 1510).Both stations to do original programming as of January.1460 fairly strong by day in Beverly


    “Now that WMEX is downgrading to 10kw day and100 watts night can WLAC drop their nighttime Directional Antenna?”

    Doubt that WLAC can modify.  WMEX (I presume) is still to be protected.

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