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    FoxSports980 has launched 95.9FM. Unfortunately, it appears that most people will lose 95.9FM-Pittsfield or 95.9FM-Glens Falls in order to duplicate 980AM, as those FM stations have Albany in their coverage region.


    I wonder if it’d be a good idea to move WGY to 99.9 and put a new format on 103.1 too? (I personally think they should have put the Country on 103.1 instead while 99.9 got WGY)


    103.1 is a little stronger than 99.9, so I don’t think they’ll move WGY, which is the central information station of the market, with good ratings. I’d mention that neither frequency referenced reaches Glens Falls.  / This group of owned stations (iHeart) doesn’t appear to have a country format they can move, since they don’t own WGNA, WKLI, WFFG, or WBUG.  iHeart otherwise seems to prefer wall of noise.


    They might better get rid of country on 99.9, there is enough country with WGNA and WKLI. They might better put WOFX on 99.9. See if they can sell 95.9 to WHAZ. WHAZ being religious is not really a formidable competitor to the I heart stations.


    wild country 99.9 was initially put on the air primarily to keep the channel out of competitors hands (the old ClearChannel tactic of throwing out hundreds of FM TX applications all over the US a decade ago and locking up whatever they could get). It costs iHeart nothing to throw one of their national channels on there, and any package-sale income it generates – if any at all – is merely gravy.  Conversely, WGY on 103.1 is a primary income generator. Always more sensible to keep the $$ makers on the bigger signals.

    iHeart has sought a translator for WOFX for some time, despite their only having the Red Sox (zzzz) and WW1 NFL content, as it’s been rumored that corporate wants the 980 facility downgraded to 1kw full time. Again…rumored. Bald Mtn. is proving to be a pretty decent transmitter site for local FM’s and TX’s. The translators up there (93.1, 98.7, 99.1, 106.1 and now 95.9 get good coverage of the tri-cities for only 250w.)

    WHAZ already has 3 full power FM’s – I’d say their regional coverage is fairly reasonable as is.


    Isn’t 95.9 on the 103.1 tower ?


    To be fair I’d have gone with some type of Urban or Rhythmic for 99.9 but OTOH that’d just take away from Kiss 102.3 if anything, and they didn’t want to cannibalize one of their full power stations

    Also, it’s a bit disappointing that WOFX couldn’t grab Patriots or even Bills football rights, considering neither team has coverage in the immediate Albany area (since WINU dropped it after 2018)


    First of all, I am not a religious person or supporter. Yes, WHAZ has 3 full power class A FM’s, but all are rimshots to the greater capital district. WHAZ AM drops to 49 watts at night. I was thinking that 95.9 with its limited service area being hemmed in by  Glens Falls and  Pittsfield would make a good fill site for them. I would think that a better coverage translator like 99.9 would help Iheart better compete with WTMM 104.5.

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