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    Hearing a new jock today on WOGL, “Big Mac” is he just a fill in for 4th of July holiday or the beginning of a jock revamp for station replacing some of those let go.


    He’s probably just a fill-in for the holiday. The last thing they seem to want to do is add full-time jocks.

    I just now learned of Frank Lewis’s layoff. I’m shocked at how stripped to the bone their on-air staff is! They might as well just completely automate at this point. I better not give them ideas!


    Discovered Big Mac is Brian McKay from WXTU, Chris Orion filled in for Holiday and RJ McKay been doing shifts, probably the new entercom CBS way of doing things with stations together in same bldg.



    Message-board geeks drool about live jocks. Ordinary people just want to hear the music. As simple as that.

    CBS Radio is not the only consolidator where on-air talent appears at more than one place on the dial.


    One other example in town: Rich DeSisto on both Ben and WMGK.


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