WOIC is "94.9 The Palm" and Sad News: Tony Clyburn on Beach

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    It looks to be sometime around noon ET WOIC 1230AM/94.9 W235CH dropped ESPN and has been stunting with a loop of Robert Palmer’s “29 Palms” as “94.9 The Palm/Columbia’s The Palm.”

    In addition, some sad news: market veteran and, in my humble opinion, one of the market’s best, Tony Clyburn is now on the beach. His last shift was Friday. The departure was amicable, with Tony being told before his shift that it would be his last on WTCB.


    Wow they just keep dropping at the cloud company. Hopefully Jodi Page can hang on. Between Brent, Tony, and Jodi that’s a combined radio experience of over 75 years between the 3 of them.


    They’ve now changed the station voice for WTCB, as well.


    I’ve noticed that also and they still have that crappy pumping processing without even playing a chainsmokers song.

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