WOSU Edges WTVN as Top Talker

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    I believe for the first time, WOSU topped WTVN in the latest ratings release.  Only by a 10th.  But a win is a win.  Talk radio is beginning to transition.


    Yes, I mentioned this in my post about the June PPM not being a great one for iHeart.

    But another thing I just realized is that this also marks the first time WOSU made the top 5.  (That’s among listed stations only, but unless unlisted Blitz is actually top 5 — which I doubt — the WOSU ranking milestone holds.)

    It would be interesting to know whether WOSU’s listeners skew quite as old as WTVN’s.  I recall reading awhile back that GenX-ers were driving NPR’s growth, although I’d imagine that the bulk of the audience is 55+, maybe 65+.

    Edit:  I also wonder if 98.9 The Answer could be eating into TVN’s ratings a tad.  I am guessing The Answer is not a factor here, but I could be wrong.


    Yes wouldn’t it be nice to see the impact of The Answer on WTVN.  Let’s use their sister station in Cleveland, WHK.  It gets a .5 share with virtually the same programming, except for the afternoon show.  Let’s say it’s at a disadvantage being on a high frequency FM.  However the Answer doesn’t really bring in great ratings anywhere it’s played.  So being generous, it might be double or even triple WHK’s rating.  Also WTVN had a low number. Not their all time lowest, but low for them.  But the fact that they and WTVN have parity with WOSU having the lead this period shows the shift in newstalk listening habits.  Maybe more and more people are looking for a more civil way to discuss the hot topics of the day.




    Salem programs their conservative talkers on ideological grounds. None of them draw any ratings, and that’s the point. They are effectively subsidized by their Christian talk/preaching stations (WFRD) and their CCM stations (95.9).

    The chances that 98.9 is taking listeners away from WTVN is almost next to none. There is no impact, just like WHK is an outright non-factor in Cleveland.

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