WPTR 1240 on the air

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    I noticed that WPTR 1240AM, Schenectady is on the air playing oldies. It probably is a temporary matter seeing that it needs to be on the air before 5/15/2019 to keep the license current.


    They were cutting that kind of close….A couple more weeks and that license would have lapsed…I imagine that 900 will make an appearance soon too…


    Ah-  the old-  W W W D-   Schenectady!      As I understand the place is up for sale.   $290,000 take the kitty.


    Only $289,999 more than it’s worth.


    900 AM has made an appearance. I heard it today.


    900 AM has made an appearance. I heard it today.

    1240 appeared to be off today – although I also live kinda far away to hear it anyhow.
    AM 900 was playing some oldies, mostly 70s and 80s. It was nice to hear random WABY jingles, although some of the 80s music felt out of place. They also kept ID’ing as “NINE” between songs.
    I’d love it to stick around on-air with a 50s/60s oldies format – upbeat music. Perfect for a summer soundtrack 🙂
    But nonetheless, it was nice to hear the owners haven’t given up on trying to sell, and aren’t just letting AM die off.
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