WRCR 1700 Flips to Radio India

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    For those of you have not heard that Marc B at the Dentist board that WRCR is flipping formats to Radio India tomorrow. They have signed a one year LMA. Some of the local programming currently heard on WRCR will be moving online. Any thoughts?


    Not much to think about.

    High on the dial suburban AM. Very few (and very old) listeners.

    This station was destined for sale or LMA from day one.

    Look for more of the same…or in some cases, owners simply throwing in the towel.


    It’s interesting that the former WRCR programming has moved online. This includes the live Steve & Jordan morning show, which continues to be broadcast live.

    Usually when an old format is moved online, it is merely automated. So this is a more ambitious attempt than usual to retain the original programming. I wonder whether this will be viable, in the long run.

    Morning host Steve Possell has provided some interesting insights about how unprofitable a local AM station such as WRCR has been.



    This is according to WRCR’s Facebook page:

    WRCR to Make Regional Programs Available Exclusively via Web and Mobile

    “The Morning Show with Steve & Jordan” and other locally-produced programs to stream exclusively from WRCR.com and via mobile apps; Indian-language programming to broadcast over-the-air via AM 1700

    For Immediate Release

    Pomona, N.Y., November 14, 2016 – WRCR AM 1700 (www.WRCR.com), majority owned and operated by Alexander Broadcasting, Inc., is making its most popular local programs, including “The Steve & Jordan Show,” exclusive to the Internet and mobile apps starting Tuesday, November 15th. Additional original, locally-produced programming, including “The Bigger Picture,” “Live Song Radio with Brian Muni,” “Who Wants to Be a Volunteer?” and others, currently heard on WRCR AM 1700, will be available exclusively as a web-stream from WRCR’s website and via mobile apps, also available through WRCR’s website.

    Local weather and up-to-the-minute traffic reports will still be available from WRCR, along with the ABC News Radio network, America’s largest commercial radio news network, offering national and international news from at the top of the hour. The owners of Alexander Broadcasting, Inc. have decided that the best way to use WRCR’s AM broadcast facility, 1700 on the AM radio dial, is to air Indian-language programming from Radio India for the next 12 months.
    “Just as newspapers, magazines, music and other forms of communication have been moving to digital delivery formats, we see the future of radio moving in that direction as well. While the golden age of analog, over-the-air radio had an exciting and memorable past, the future of regional talk and conversation is currently just as robust and as easily accessible via the Internet and mobile apps and will continue to get even better in the future,” said Dr. Alexander Medakovich, President of Alexander Broadcasting Inc. “We look forward to serving our current audience and future listeners with great local, general interest and niche-specific programming,” Dr. Medakovich added.

    Contact: Alex Medakovich
    (845) 362-5070


    It took an act of congress to obtain FCC approval for Owner Dr. Alexander Medakovich’s Alexander Broadcasting to move 1300 WRCR to expanded dial 1700, outside of the normal window opportunity . He had sited the need for a local station to broadcast emergency information in the event of a accident at Indian Point nuclear Power plant. At the time I was surprised that someone would go through the effort ,let alone the huge financial expense of starting a new station on AM. On the plus side it did give WRCR much better coverage. On 1700 they put a decent listenable signal into my home in Hyde Park, during the day.
    I was further pleasantly surprised at the continued effort in producing extensive live and local programing.
    In the end however, it proved not to be financially viable. Would more automated or satellite have helped. I wonder how long the live and local programing will work with the much smaller internet audience. Leasing to Radio India will at least help pay the bills.
    However, now only people who speak Indian will be notified of an emergency at Indian Point. Even given WRCR’s nice daytime coverage, and decent local night coverage,I wonder how many people that entails.
    Given the state of AM radio I am not totally shocked at this outcome.


    In case anyone was wondering-  WRCR is running the previously heard morning show.  At least a month now.  From the posts above, you can see the station was running 24h hr Indian Programming.  Steve Possel, longtime WRKL-WRCR morning magazine host runs the show.  He does have a co-host as well.  He does a great job getting the local information out there.  The is the type of newsy morning show that every community needs.  I wish them luck.


    I heard they put the morning show back on the air, because there was complaints about it being internet only. But, with the rest of the day air India will people listen ?


    I think it was more a case that the owners realized no one was listening to internet only radio.  With your 3 kids sucking up your data, you aren’t listening to online radio.  Also, i’m guessing the owner realized he went through all the trouble to get the station on the air so he could put programming he wanted on the station, he should at least get a few hours of the day out of it.

    WRCR doesn’t need the rest of the day to serve a purpose.  They have a bonafide morning show that does generate listeners and they do a great job of getting the local news and events out over the air.  They weren’t doing anything in the rest of the day anyway other than Rockland Boulders baseball games.


    And speaking of WRCR, more changes coming to the station. Local radio is expanding until 1 PM. That means Radio India will still be heard from 1 PM until 1 AM, and local radio will be heard from 1 AM until 1 PM.

    What’s the station’s future? Find out in this article.



    I got some big news. After nearly a year of not running the station, guess what! WRCR is returning to the airwaves starting this Thursday with a brand new transmitter site and location. Thanks to Steve Purcell from the morning show for the announcement.

    NOTE: Sorry for bumping this thread.


    I think it was more a case that the owners realized no one was listening to internet only radio. With your 3 kids sucking up your data, you aren’t listening to online radio.

    “No one was listening to internet-only radio…” what a backwards-thinking statement. If anything has failed, it’s because the operators either failed to promote it to satisfaction, or there wasn’t an audience for the programming to begin with.

    Judging by the fact that the stream is still alive and brokering out airtime on the station, that isn’t the case at all.

    Also, i’m guessing the owner realized he went through all the trouble to get the station on the air so he could put programming he wanted on the station, he should at least get a few hours of the day out of it.

    If the morning show (and any additional hours) isn’t paying for their airtime, that will be news. It’s still all brokered, as long as the checks are clearing, the owners of WRCR don’t care, regardless of language.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    So the over the air signal is due back any day now.  I wish WRCR good luck in their quest to get back to business over the air.   This was intended to be over-the-air radio, I am sure this will get a lot of the commuting listeners in the morning back as well as the older crowd who really aren’t into internet listening.

    I’m looking forward.


    WRCR is back on the air!  Nice to hear.  Good luck guys!

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