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    Can someone do a aircheck for of WROW playing Christmas?


    I can’t, because I was in New Jersey for three days and I can’t do airchecks of both Kevin Richards and Bob Johnson yesterday, because the stream isn’t available where it says on the “Magic 590” app that says “You are outside of the broadcasting area for Tunegenie”, and when I checked TuneIn, and listen to “Magic” and it says “We’re sorry! An error occurred with this stream. Please try again later.” I guess it did suck, because the stream is not available in New Jersey, as well as in other 48 states and the rest of the world. Same thing with WBPM. Both of these are not working. So I’m stuck with WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies”, but I don’t listen to “Fox Oldies” anymore, but I listened to the rest of it for two days. I recorded Bob O where he was in for Bob Miller on WBPM starting around Thursday, and then Race Taylor also did a Thanksgiving show on the current WCBS-FM which I still have, and then Brian Bannon on WLNG for two days, and then Buffalo Bob Corsino on “Fox Oldies” where he filled in for Bob Johnson on “Magic”. And then “Black Friday” came all three jocks from “Fox Oldies” are filled in for other jocks who took a holiday weekend off including Bob O, Sunny Joe Allen, and Bob Corsino. I guess Buffalo Bob sounds terrible in afternoon drive where he did filled in for Bob Johnson due to streaming on “Magic 590” not working while I was in New Jersey. The only station that play some Christmas music is on WLNG while Brian Bannon was doing both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Bob Corsino sucks too. I hate that guy so much and it’s not my favorite jock, but Bob Johnson sounds better as well as Kevin Richards. And then, Bob O still doing regular weekends and then Sunny Joe was in for Kevin Richards on the station while he was doing the “Classic Country Hall of Fame”, but Sunny Joe was there for two hours and then goes to Warren Lawrence on WKNY at noon where he did hosted the oldies show at a special time, and I’m still listening to Warren Lawrence, but I’m sorry, I can’t do airchecks of my three shows on “Magic” like Kevin Richards, Bob Johnson and Richie Norris. Trust me! I love those people on “Magic”, and my favorite Saturday night show is “Saturday Night at the Oldies” and does an incredible job of doing his show, and I have to listen to it for 4 hours until 10 PM when I flipped to KSUR’s “K-Surf” to hear “Disco Saturday Night” until 4 AM. I’ll have to wait until next week. And I’ll be home tonight when I get back to New York to get my “Magic” back.

    And one more thing that I might add, is Jimmy Howes on WALL. I still have that aircheck, but he usually came on from 7 PM until midnight, but now it cuts back to 10 PM for 3 hours instead of 5 hours, because Joe Manglass returns to “Fox Oldies” right after Jimmy Howes which is now on WALL from Monday Thursday, and then on Friday will be Allan David Stein with the “Doo-Wop Drive” on WMTR, and then Joe Manglass comes on “Fox Oldies” right after “Doo-Wop Drive”. Trust me! I love Joe Manglass, and I love to hear him coming back to the station. He is still my favorite DJ which is coming on from 10 PM until midnight right after Jimmy Howes on WALL.


    Well, I finally came back to New York and got “Magic 590” back after trip from New Jersey, and I finally hooked up with “Saturday Night at the Oldies”, and thankfully got a chance to listen to Bob Johnson where he did filling in for Richie Norris. Good job!

    I’m recording it right now. Plus this station plays the same songs that “Fox Oldies” and WBPM played, plus two Christmas songs per hour. WLNG also plays Christmas music since Thanksgiving Day at 5 PM during Brian Bannon. I will be posting it when I get home.


    I’m in Glens Falls, and since Wednesday, I’ve been listening to some Christmas music on CKDO-1580am-Oshawa Ontario. Coverage map shows Toronto area. No, not streaming…over the air! (Way heavy on the modern and secular, though.)


    CKDO normally does a Classic Hits/Oldies format…with a pretty good night time signal in this area….in spite of a fairly sharp null in this direction….


    Before I have to share, I was down in Central New Jersey over the Thanksgiving weekend to see my mom’s cousin, I was going to record Bob Johnson on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, but sadly, the stream doesn’t work on TuneIn, because it gives an error message that says “We’re sorry! An error occurred with this stream. Please try again later.”, and I was checking the “Magic 590” app, and it gives another error message that says, “You are outside of the broadcasting area for Tunegenie”. That means, I can’t stream “Magic 590” down there, because I was visiting in central New Jersey during my 3-day stay. But now, I’m stuck with WGNY’s “Fox Oldies” and I got two airchecks for ya. Here is Bob Corsino, and I have not been listened to his show since 2015, and now, “Buffalo Bob” sounds absolutely terrible in afternoons. I have to say this, he was in for Bob Johnson on the other station, but I like Bob Johnson, trust me, Bob Corsino sounds BORING! I hate this guy, and he has not doing a good job where he did filled in for Bob Johnson while taking both Thanksgiving and Black Friday off. What a disappointment! I can take Brian Bannon on WLNG where he does a terrific job doing afternoons down there. But Bob Corsino, ugh! It was horrible. What a horrible choice for what is now a fill-in guy where he took over Bob Johnson since I can’t get “Magic” to stream while I was in central New Jersey for 3 days due to restricted streams.  Enjoy this guy while it lasted, and I will not be able to hear “Buffalo Bob” ever again. If you don’t like his show, skip it! Don’t click these two links, and just to avoid these two shows.

    Bob Corsino – 11/28/19: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qPvFplHpOswe1zV2XupzBEjf_KoYsAm6

    Bob Corsino – 11/29/19: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z4UYew9sq98uAxncu9o0ieRAxZJpIpUM

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