WSTC/WNLK Signing Off on Monday 1/25.

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    Charles, I can personally say that right up to the day I punched the switch and turned off WSC/WNLK, those stations did indeed have more than 900 listeners. Naturally, I can’t say what has transpired since.

    I CAN say that Fairfield County greatly needs a local broadcast outlet – be it terrestrial, online or a marriage of both.


    Apparently as of today, WSTC 1400 and WNLK 1350 are no longer simulcasting. WSTC is running a new format that is playing mostly Standards, with some very soft pop mixed in. According to the new website, the station will also have some other brokered programming. There are now a few  local commercials. There may still be plans to eventually simulcast on the Stamford translator on 103.1 FM.

    The website for WSTC indicates that the new owner is a radio executive that has had local radio management experience.

    WNLK may now be brokered, as I have heard reggae music, and then a program of gospel music.

    New WSTC Website:


    Fantastic news!  Great to see someone try to give it a go on WSTC.  Sure-  they have their work cut out for them but it is great to see some people actually try to do something good.  I wish them all the luck in the world.


    Good! I have not listened to this station yet, it is a mixed bag of oldies and soapy standards, just like WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, WABY and WGNY-FM combined, but it’s a variety of stuff, but I have to check it out. Anyways, according to the website, the streaming is not there yet. I tried TuneIn and I searched for WSTC and nothing happens. I hope the station needs streaming so I can listen to WSTC online or via TuneIn.


    To quote from the Gipper, “There you go again!”

    @barry: VGR Radio LLC operates WSTC as a brokered format since Sacred Heart University still holds the license. Also, the VGR website is incomplete — its Contact page does not give a correct phone number.


    The owner the of the Stamford CT translator on 103.1 received permission from the FCC to move it to 105.5. The application stated that the intention is to avoid interference from WBZO 103.1, which has been using a less directional signal. The application indicated that the translator will rebroadcast WSTC AM, using 10 watts.

    105.5 is the frequency also used by WDBY, which serves the Danbury CT area. It used to be audible in Stamford, but now receives interference from WDBA LP, on LI. Apparently both will be overridden in the area by the Stamford translator, which will be sharing this crowded frequency.


    hello fellow radio guru’s. First post I have posted in years since radio has died around here. I am snooping around in hopes a new active rocker will show up in the NYC-tristate keeping up on news. I interned on the last year on COX in Norwalk it was fun I miss it. I will say their was definitely more than 900 listeners at times of traffic and bad weather etc for sure!  I retired from radio 2 years ago because I could not figure out a way to get the listenership to listen to my show in WXCI without a billboard or signs and with older generation getting iPhones/smartphones I noticed the listenership was disappearing to spotify and other apps. I miss radio but I will say a few things. I always dreamed of an active rocker in Stamford ct using the 103.1 frequency. other than listening to 880am due to it being live all the time to keep things off my mind, I don’t listen to radio at all anymore  because it sucks so bad like many others will say.  I had a dream of an active rocker in stamford I got it and lost it. 94.3 Was awesome but &%$#!!! WFAS can kiss my ___!  I was listening to WWSK a lot until WFAS signed on. Other dream I had was using a couple HD-2 channels to have a clear signal for an active rocker but theirs no interest even tho with all the modern cars the listenership would be there.

    WTOS(not online) , KILO  KBAZ keep kicking ass.  since all radio sucks so bad around here.

    theirs my two cents. -OZ


    WSTC 1400 AM is now simulcasting via a Stamford translator on 105.5 FM. The music format has apparently changed from adult standards to soft a/c.

    With regard to the previous post by oz, LI rock station WWSK 94.3 (The Shark) can also be heard on WALK 97.5 HD2. It is quite a strong signal.


    Still hoping for the best for WSTC.  Miss the days of John Roman and Len Gambino with sports.  John was literally the un-elected Mayor of Stamford.

    Checked 105.5 last night on the ride up 95.  Didn’t get anything on the radio.  Is this translator running?

    It seems oz won’t have to worry about FAS blocking out the Shark for much longer.  It’s days in White Plains are according to a lot of sources are numbered.


    Still hoping for the best for WSTC. Miss the days of John Roman and Len Gambino with sports. John was literally the un-elected Mayor of Stamford. Checked 105.5 last night on the ride up 95. Didn’t get anything on the radio. Is this translator running? It seems oz won’t have to worry about FAS blocking out the Shark for much longer. It’s days in White Plains are according to a lot of sources are numbered.

    I hope so! Would love to actually turn on the radio again the shark kicks ass! As in regards to getting it on 97.5 WALK it’s either one or the other scenario really weird when I say that… where I can get 94.3 wwsk I can’t get WFAS but at the same time can’t get 97.5 WALK HD-2… and then vise versa a lot. Unfortunately I can only get a clear signal on either on in directional stationary positions… in other words I can’t listen to The Shark when traveling still :/.


    With regard to the WSTC translator on 105.5, apparently it was only testing when I heard it in January. According to the FCC filing, the translator is expected to be ready for full time use within the next few months.

    105.5 is a busy frequency in the Stamford area. Country station WDBY clashes with WDBA-LP from Long Island. And presumably the new WSTC translator will override both.

    Perhaps the owners of the Shark are programming mainstream rock on WWSK only because it has a mediocre signal. As I recall, none of the formats on that station ever got significant ratings.

    If ‘FAS is shut down, I’ll miss it. It has a decent mix of A/C music, and at least a bit of local flavor with Jay Michaels heard mornings, via syndication.


    I have noticed the past couple of weeks that I have been listening that WSTC is playing music 1970 forward for the most part.  Some obscure selections, but not a horrible listen for an aging-out sort-of adult like myself.


    The leased local programming on WSTC is apparently gone. As of this writing the station is off the air. Its Facebook page has a post from the Director of Operations stating that owner Sacred Heart University has ended the station lease, and will resume the NPR programming that it had been simulcasting till last year. The online stream is indeed rebroadcasting public radio station WSHU AM.

    His Facebook post goes on to state that he still believes local radio could succeed in the Stamford CT area, and indicates he will try to continue working toward that goal. But it seemed evident that the attempt to provide local programming on WSTC was not going well. Outside of a few shows, most of the day was filled with automated music, and spots encouraging listeners to start their own (brokered) programs.

    It is unclear whether the translator on 105.5 will actually be built. It had been approved by the FCC some time ago. Perhaps the lack of success of WSTC was related to the translator not being actually put on the air.


    Since I am “the guy” referred to here, I should respond.

    I simply wanted to disagree with the statement that our efforts were “not going well”. The circumstances here that lead to this decision has nothing to do with our sales or the growing audience we had. And the alleged FM translator situation was not involved in any way.

    I just wanted to set the record straight.


    The  newspaper article linked below, could be a strong indication things were not going well with WSTC, unless it is incorrect.

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