WSTC/WNLK Signing Off on Monday 1/25.

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    Management F’d up because they had a lot of qualified people at their fingertips willing to work really really cheap, just not for free.  It’s not that they weren’t paid “something”, they weren’t paid anything.  When you don’t pay the bills, people start to get angry.  The little guy for the most part has to bend over and take it.  The big guns shut the power off or pull the plug.

    In a year, I don’t think it ever really identified it’s format very well.  The last couple of months it was going about their business as a music station.  On AM, in 2017?  No shot.


    I love how they’re trying to spin it as if WSHU just arbitrarily shut them down.

    No. This is what happens when you don’t pay the bills!!

    In reality, it’s for the best. I appreciate the idea of a local station, but unfortunately the end product was of limited interest, and not very well produced.


    While the online version of WSTC is apparently simulcasting WSHU (with very low audio), the terrestrial signal remains off the air. Perhaps it will not actually revert to a simulcast of the NPR affiliate.

    In the newspaper article linked in my previous post, is this intriguing quote from a spokesperson for Sacred Heart Univ., the station’s owner: “WSHU is exploring the long-term possibilities for the station which will require FCC approval .” Does that sound as if the school is trying to sell WSTC? If so, could it be worth buying, perhaps for ethnic or brokered programming? The FM translator for the station approved by the FCC could be an incentive for a potential buyer. Nearby WNLK 1350 AM is also owned by the college, and continues to be leased for such a format.


    I appreciate the idea of a local station, but unfortunately the end product was of limited interest, and not very well produced.

    In the 21st century, suburban local yokel AM radio is a pastime for fools, especially when it’s conducted in the shadow of a major city.

    WSHU has more pressing matters, like raising funds for a new and more modern broadcast facility.


    Hi y’all.  Not sure if anyone reads these boards any longer but I guess I have to respond to this (having just remembered that our boards still exist).

    A couple of things.  First off, for several months in 2017, an LMA group operated WSTC and restored (If that’s the correct term) a full-service music format in the hopes of bringing an audience back to 1400.  At that time, we were looking to bring an FM translator on and it appeared to be a done deal.  The first few months of the music format were akin to standards with some light AC and soft Oldies mixed in.  As we went along, and about the time I came onboard for my three month stay, the music gradually became harder edged and more of a traditional Oldies format… almost morphing itself overnight from that into what sounded like a 70s/80s based Classic Hits format.  While there was no news available on the station, traffic reports and weather from Bill Jackquemin (and occasionally Jeff Morrow) became a staple of morning and afternoon drives.

    I left due to medical reasons in June 2017.   The format and LMA lasted until August.  I still can’t speak about what became of WSTC other than it was either sold or another LMA took effect with another outfit.

    My God, I had a blast with that format.  Did every single minute of that gig from my home studio.  Here’s a sample of the format which I archived specifically for historical purposes.

    Oh, and in response to Charles Everett (above), we most certainly *DID* have more than 900 listeners.  The proof was out there.  Don’t call me a liar.  You don’t know me and I would never call someone in any forum a ‘liar’ unless I had absolute proof of it… and even then, I wouldn’t be so disrespectful of someone as to insult them like that.

    Guess I need to return to my role as moderator, eh?

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