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    They are off the air today.   May I presume with the upcoming sale to EMF, that tomorrow we’ll be hearing K-Love on 92.1 through an LMA ?    Is there any chance the WTPA imaging assets were sold locally and will be kept alive ?


    WTPA signed off on Wednesday, 1/31. 92.1 is just static at the moment. Did anyone catch the time they signed off and the last song played?


    Re:  time and last song on WTPA, suggest you contact WWSM.

    Last week the FCC renewed the 92.1 license as non-commercial, and WKHL calls (last on the sold K-Love station in West Lafayette, IN were assigned to 92.1).   Since K-Love is already on 101.7 (subchannel of 99.3), any chance EMF would put Air One network on 101.7 ?

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