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    I heard AM 1410 WZBR ( The Bass of Boston ) applied for 98.1 signal ( Medford MA ) ,



    I know it may seem like everyone is getting an FM translator frequency these days….

    (“YOU get a translator, YOU get a translator, YOU get a translator!” -Oprah)

    ….not every AM gets to have an FM signal. 😉

    And how would station licensed to Dedham get an FM frequency in Medford?

    BTW….I know Langer owns WZBR….but who is behind the programming? Is someone LMA-ing it? Are they veterans from WILD or Hot 97.7?

    I heard the afternoon dude…and he sounds pretty good! 😉

    Can you trace back to where you heard this…or is it just wishful thinking on your part? 😉



    Here’s where our friend got his info:




    Dan <><


    93.3 FM
    Jesus Radio
    Selma Alabama
    Selma's Christian Music Leader
    A Broadcast Ministry of People for Jesus Radio Broadcasting Company, Inc., of Selma Alabama
    Now On The Air



    Wow!  Then I take back my skepticism!

    Impressed by your research Dan!





    Uncle Kaimbridge

    So, theyʼre looking to hook up to 101.7ʼs stick?
    Up here in Beverly, 98.1 is mostly a toss-up between New Bedfordʼs WCTK and WGUA-LP up in Andover.

         ~Uncle Kaimbridge~
      [42.3509°N–71.0538°W (FN42li34nf)]

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    The problem with the proposed FM translator of WZBR-1410 is that it won’t deliver a strong signal in Boston’s predominantly African-American neighborhoods, whereas the AM signal does, especially during daylight hours.

    The translator can’t be moved any further south because it would interfere with New Bedford’s WCTK.

    Were the translator to broadcast from a site just south of Boston, it might be able to get 95.7 or 101.1 (maybe—if interference from WZID and WGIR-FM respectively doesn’t get in the way).

    I’m white, but I do occasionally listen to WZBR-1410 (maybe once a week), and they in my opinion are doing a good job of serving Boston’s black community. They deserve an FM signal—even if just a translator—that covers Boston’s major African-American neighborhoods.

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