Z-93 Adds Tigman To Line Up

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    As Scott Fybush reported in this weeks Northeast Radio Watch Z-93 WBWZ, New Paltz – Poughkeepsie has snagged Tigman away from WPDH. Tigman had been a fixture at the Cumulus- Townsquare owned WPDH for a couple of decades both on and off the air.He even did a Saturday night request show. Sometimes I thought he lived in the building!
    I can’t imagine what tight fisted I-Heart offered him to make the move. Although Z-93 features Classic Rock with more of a hard edge, which he seems to prefer.
    He will be doing afternoon drive . To make room Scotty Perry moves to morning drive replacing jock free automation, “Shut up and Rock “. Both shows sound live.
    WBWZ is promoting the heck out of this. “Make the switch to Z-93, along with Tigman”. As they should they probably just blew their budget.


    I guess  Tigman’s ‘rock and roll limousine has arrived’.


    Wow! This would be a terrific move for WBWZ’s “Z93”. Thankfully, they got rid of that godawful automated morning show which was a waste of time. “Shut Up and Rock” has been on this station for close to two years since they took over its syndicated “Elliot in the Morning” show.

    Now Scotty Perry moved to mornings where he was usually did afternoon drive, and his new morning show called “The Morning Rush”. And now, Tigman (from its competitor WPDH) now doing afternoon drive.

    In addition, the Mets season on “Z93” is finally winding down, along with an announcement on moving to a new radio station WCBS-AM, my guess maybe the Mets will either move to WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” at 98.9 and it’s sister station WJGK’s “The Fox” at 103.1, or maybe the Mets will move to WBNR/WLNA/WGHQ’s “Real Country” at 1260, 1420, 920 AM and 92.5 FM. I hope there’s more speculation to come if no word on the Mets will be moving to a new station. It’s either WGNY-FM, WJGK, or “Real Country”. We shall see.

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