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A long, long time ago in a radio industry that now seems so far away, a naive teenager launched a message board dedicated to radio in the Mid-Atlantic region. That board would later become the cornerstone in the launch of Radio-Info.com and I would then go on to launch RadioInsight.com in 2006.

While the radio industry has undergone major upheaval, social discussion of the industry has gone mainly unchanged. Sites are still using software designed over a decade ago and the template of boards dedicated to regions that I helped standardize no longer is the best way to discuss an ever-evolving medium.

For a few years now, that once naive teenager has envisioned a new style of Community that connects the boards with a social network that includes the best features found elsewhere on the social web to continue our objective of creating a forum to allow those that love and care for radio in any form to share thoughts and ideas leading to the betterment of the medium.

Among the features:

  • Verified Users – We believe that those who sign their name to their posts should be highlighted. While we understand why they need to do so and allow those to post using pseudonyms, there is an extra value to those who are willing to sign their real or on-air name to their words.
  • Personal Activity – Like a Facebook wall, this allows you to build an identity around your radio brand. In addition to the boards, you can share pictures, videos, links and status updates and see your board replies directly from your Activity.
  • Actual Networking – Your bio fields feature the ability to add career timelines. You can make friend connections with other users. Like LinkedIn, we want you to be able to enhance and improve your career by making connections with other users
  • Mobile Access – The design of the Community is responsive and should work on most smartphones and tablets. Plus we will have apps for iOS and Android in development shortly.

We are also planning to bring innovations like Reddit style AMA’s and Google+ Hangouts to the Community with chances to discuss topics with top names in the industry.

This is a true Community. There will be no moderators hiding behind anonymous pseudonyms or pushing their own agendas. We’ll be open and transparent as much as needed. We are open to your ideas and suggestions and will be continuously seeking to upgrade the services we provide as long as technologically feasible.

Welcome to radio’s new social home and check out our User’s Guide to find out how to get started.

-Lance Venta

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