Rockcastle Media Group Partners On “Neon Beat”

Rockcastle Media Group Think Fast! Will Sterrett

Rockcastle Media issued the following press release:


Rockcastle Media Group is partnering with John Christopher, broadcast veteran and host of the Adult Standards program The Neon Beat, to provide affiliate relations and distribution services. “We’re thrilled to expand our offerings by offering The Neon Beat with John Christopher,” said President/CEO Will Sterrett. “John is a polished, engaging talent with an encyclopedic knowledge of these great songs from yesteryear and a loyal following at the show’s flagship, KCXL/Kansas City. The Neon Beat with John Christopher is an example of the top-notch programming – coupled with exemplary service – that Rockcastle Media Group is proud to provide to our affiliates and advertising clients.”

“This show was created to help fill the gap in serving the mature listener who is looking for programming that is fun, pleasant and entertaining to listen to,” said host John Christopher. “Thanks to Will Sterrett for the opportunity to share this unique format of what we like to call, “The original hits.” Stay tuned for the greatest records ever pressed, on The Neon Beat.”

The Neon Beat with John Christopher is available on a market-exclusive, 100% stand-alone barter basis, and stations can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours per week. Each hour of The Neon Beat with John Christopher is stand-alone, allowing affiliates to air the program for an hour a day or in a long-form weekend block. Delivery is via FTP download, with the first feeds delivered for the week of June 13.

Rockcastle Media Group is a national radio network providing short-form and long-form programming to affiliate stations across the U.S. and Canada. The company’s ‘Partners First’ initiative ensures a focus on error-free program feeds and exceptional service to stations and advertising partners. Rockcastle Media Group’s offerings include the short-form trivia feature Think Fast! and The Neon Beat with John Christopher.

To listen to a demo of The Neon Beat with John Christopher, visit

Disclaimer: RadioBB developed the website for Rockcastle Media.

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