Kool Oldies Gets A Stay Of Execution In Boise

Kool Oldies 99.5 KKOO 101.5 KJ Mac BoiseWith the sale of Treasure Valley Broadcasting’sKool Oldies 99.5” KKOO Fruitland/Boise to Educational Media Foundation set to close shortly bringing a flip to Christian AC “K-Love“, the station’s format has found a new home.

Impact Radio Group has acquired the intellectual property of the station and placed it on 101.5 K268CU Boise in place of the simulcast of Rhythmic CHR “Wild 101.1” KWYD that had been airing on the translator.

Morning host KJ Mac will remain with the station as it moves to K268CU. The translator has a Construction Permit to relocate to sister 102.7 KZMG’s tower on Deer Point where it will operate with 250w/805m.

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  1. Eva says

    Ewww Another useless K-love station.

  2. JeremyAndrews says

    Boise should consider itself lucky. Or at least Boise Oldies fans. First to have a traditional Oldies station in the first place (very rare). Second to have it saved after an EMF sale on a translator with a pretty decent signal.

  3. driverken says

    Great News! I read on this website a change from OLDIES to Religious format would happen soon and kept wondering when it was going to happen. I listen to KKOO regularly on the SIMPLE RADIO APP which gives me access to other VINTAGE OLDIES (ON-AIR & WEB BASED) stations. KKOO has a nice blend of the 50’s-60’s-70’s and a constant stream which runs smooth on the Simple Radio App.

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