Wyoming Public Media Launches AAA Network

Wyoming Sounds Public Media Laramie RivertonWyoming Public Media will debut AAA “Wyoming Sounds” on three translators on Wednesday, August 24.

The new network will launch on 90.5 K213EZ Riverton, 94.1 K231BW Worland, and 103.5 K280BM Laramie as well as the HD3 subchannel of the network’s full powered stations throughout the state. The “Morning Music” program that airs from 9am-12pm on Wyoming Public Radio will be renamed “Wyoming Sounds” as well. Hosts Grady Kirkpatrick, Paul Montoya and Micah Schweizer will become the voices of the new brand.

Wyoming Public Media (WPM) will add an all-music service, “Wyoming Sounds,” beginning Wednesday, Aug. 24.

“Wyoming Sounds” extends the popular Wyoming Public Radio (WPR) “Morning Music” program 24/7. “Morning Music” will remain on WPR’s statewide network, but listeners who prefer hearing music throughout the day and evening will have another option.

The service broadcasts from the WPM studios, located on the University of Wyoming campus, over 103.5 FM in Laramie and serves Albany County. It also can be picked up on 90.5 FM in Riverton and Lander; 94.1 FM in Worland; and is available in many Wyoming locations via HD radio. All Wyoming and worldwide listeners can pick up the service online at www.wyomingsounds.org.

“Wyoming Sounds” will emphasize singer-songwriters and a wide variety of styles, including acoustic, folk, blues, soul, reggae and world music. It will add elements of Americana along with Wyoming and regional musicians.

It will serve the growing music scene happening across the state and collaborate with Wyoming artists, organizations and events, says Christina Kuzmych, WPM general manager.
Kuzmych adds that “Wyoming Sounds” will appeal to people in Wyoming who enjoy the “Morning Music” format.

“The service is dedicated to helping listeners discover new music, with a significant portion of the playlists reserved for up-and-coming artists,” Kuzmych says.

Current “Morning Music” announcers Grady Kirkpatrick, Paul Montoya and Micah Schweizer, as well as others joining the lineup, will host “Wyoming Sounds.” The name of the “Morning Music” show from 9 a.m.-noon will change to “Wyoming Sounds.”

The service was made possible by a grant from the Guthrie Foundation.

“Wyoming Sounds,” along with other services under the WPM umbrella, is donor and grant supported. WPM invites listener support, feedback and suggestions. Contact Kirkpatrick at (307) 766-6624 or wkirkpa1@uwyo.edu.

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