Guy Gordon To Host Local Afternoon Show At WJR

Guy Gordon 760 WJR WDIV Local 4 Detroit Michael SavageCumulus Media News/Talk 760 WJR Detroit will add a new afternoon show from 3-5pm in January.

WDIV-TV reporter/fill-in anchor Guy Gordon will exit the television station to fill the WJR slot currently held by Michael Savage’s syndicated talker. Gordon has also served as a regular fill-in for WJR morning host Paul W. Smith over the past two years. Gordon has worked in Detroit television since 1984 when he joined WXYZ-TV before moving to WDIV in 2004.

With the addition of Gordon, WJR will return to local programming outside of Rush Limbaugh from at least 5am to 7pm weekdays. Paul W. Smith remains from 5-9am, Frank Beckmann from 9am to 12pm, and Mitch Albom from 5-7pm.

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