WTMJ Prepping FM Expansion

Charlie Sykes 620 WTMJ Milwaukee RightWisconsinScripps News/Talk 620 WTMJ Milwaukee will soon be coming to the FM band.

103.3 W277CV Waukegan IL currently holds a Construction Permit to relocate to Milwaukee with 250w/255m from the WDJT-TV tower where it was to rebroadcast Liberal Talk 1510 WRRD Waukesha. W277CV owner Frank Glass McCoy has now applied to modify the CP to move it to the tower of Scripps’ WTMJ-TV and 94.5 WKTI where it would operate with 250w/244m. That will give the translator nearly identical coverage as some Class A FM’s in the market such as Saga’s 98.3 WJMR and 106.9 WNRG-FM.

  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    Per NorthPine, the application to change the input station (to WTMJ) was technically dismissed after WRRD filed an objection that argued that such a change couldn’t be made now, since the translator’s move to Milwaukee utilized a “Mattoon waiver”.

    (A bit more about the objection–but not the dismissal–is at, e.g., http://www.insideradio.com/free/wtmj-s-fm-expansion-plans-threatened-by-translator-dispute/article_97e19fa4-7043-11e7-9b67-8f2a7bf6a84a.html.)

    1. Lance Venta says

      That’s not completely correct. A lot other pieces involved…

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