Pulse 87 New York On Death’s Door

Over the past few months we have reported on plans for New York Dance CHR “Pulse 87” WNYZ to expand to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.. Those plans are all out the window now as Mega Media Group simply attempts to survive until next week.

The station is in danger of losing its lease on the frequency from its owner Island Media Group if it doesn’t make its next payment by next week. In order to reach its necessary financial goal, WNYZ is taking the unorthodox step of running a pledge-drive on a commercial radio station.

Our Insight: Pulse 87 and Mega Media Group are an underdog and the little guy deserves a chance to succeed, but in this economic time is it really in the service of the listener to expect them to temporarily stave off your demise when there are other musical options available to them (Granted none are on the FM dial)?

  1. JeremyAndrews says

    Reminds me of WJIB

  2. e gill cvi says

    I don't really see why they shouldn't have a pledge drive. It will either work or it won't. The alternative is to simply close up shop without giving fans a chance to save it. If people are passionate about having this music on the radio, they'll pony up. I doubt they'll do it repeatedly…but if they were on in Philly, I might throw them a buck or two.

    What I'm wondering about, however, is the fiscal responsibility of whomever is running the thing. They just announced deals to expand into three more markets and then, according to the above post, had to pull out because–"Oops. We don't even have enough cash to keep this one operation running." Did they not see this coming?! How does one make plans to expand without realizing they don't even have enough money to not expand?!

  3. TheRock says

    This should be a perfect litmus test for those who believe in this format. If it still fails, it will be grist for the mill in the ever-burgeoning "Dance vs. Rock" wars that we, as the posting community, have become wary of over the last few years.

  4. e gill cvi says

    Well, thank God those sandbox kids all went over to that tabloid board. That silly argument doesn't happen around here anymore.

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