FCC Restores Numerous Vacant Allocations

FCC Juan Alberto Ayala Translator AbuseThe FCC has released a revised version of its Table of Allotments to restore a number of allocations that had been removed since 2006 by the deletion of previous construction permits or licenses. The allotments are now being considered vacant because of the dismissals and will be made available in future auctions. Additional vacant allocations will be added in the future.

The changes made to the table follow:

City State Old Allocation New Allocation
Leupp AZ 293C1
Overgaard AZ 232C3 234C1
Parker AZ 257C2
Paulden AZ 228C3
Snowflake AZ 258C2 259C2
Tusayan AZ 222C1
Strong AR 296C3
Alturas CA 277C
Boonville CA 300A
Cedarville CA 238A
Ft. Bragg CA 253B1
Portola CA 269A 258A
Battlement Mesa CO 275C3
Dinosaur CO 262C1
Eckley CO 257C1
Hugo CO 222A
Walden CO 226A
Plains GA 290A
Abingdon IL 252A 291A
Florien LA 242A 222A
Onekama MI 227C3
Lake Islabella MI 255A
Grand Marais MN 245C3
Bourbon MO 231A
Eminence MO 281A
Cut Bank MT 265C2
Bayard NE 251A
Medina ND 222C1
Salres ND 290C1
Jefferson NH 247A
Des Moines NM 287C
Skyline-Ganipa NM 240A
Narrowsburg NY 275A
Arnett OK 285C2 293C2
Cheyenne OK 247C2
Coalgate OK 242A
Covington OK 290A
Savanna OK 275A
Wayne OK 266A
Diamond Lake OR 251A
Huntington OR 228C1
Vale OR 288C
Edgemont SD 289C1
Albany TX 255A
Benjamin TX 273C3
Big Lake TX 246A
Big Lake TX 252C2
Big Lake TX 281C1
Big Lake TX 296C3
Cotulla TX 289A
Crystal Beach TX 268A
Dalhart TX 261C2
Dilley TX 291A
Encino TX 283A
Freer TX 288A
Goree TX 275A 277A
Hamlin TX 283C2
Knox City TX 297A
Marquez TX 296A
Matador TX 221C2 244C2
Matador TX 227C3 276C3
McCamey TX 237C3
McLean TX 267C3 298C3
Menard TX 242A 292A
Menard TX 265C2 265A
Mullin TX 224A
Olney TX 282A
Premont TX 287A
San Isidro TX 255A
Sanger TX 281C3
Trinity TX 251A
Turkey TX 244C2 221C2
Wellington TX 248C3
Wellington 252C3
Westbook TX 272A
Roscoe TX 228A
Wheeler TX 280C3
Paragonah UT 258A
Hardwick VT 290A
West Rutland VT 298A
New Holstein WI 225A 258A
Bairoil WY 235A 235C3
Basin WY 299C1
Dubois WY 242C2 242A
Lusk WY 242A
Wheatleand WY 286A
Pine Bluffs WY 287A
City State Old Allocation New Allocation

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