Carolina Panthers GM Turns WZGV LMA Into Purchase

ESPN Charlotte 730 The Game WZGV Carolina Panthers Marty HurneyHRN Broadcasting is selling Sports “730 The Game” WZGV Cramerton/Charlotte NC and the CP to move 104.5 W283AR Higgston GA to 97.5 in Charlotte to Marty Hurney’s 2G Media Inc. for $900,000.

Hurney was General Manager of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers from 2002-2012 before returning this summer as Interim GM through the completion of the upcoming season. After exiting the first time he joined WZGV as a host in June 2014 and then began operating the station via Time Brokerage Agreement in January 2015. Before making the move to football management in the 1980s, Hurney was a sportswriter for the Washington Times.

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