FCC Sets Longform Filing Period For AM Translator Applications

FCC Federal Communications Commission RadioInsight Premium ReportWith the settlement period for MX’d applications from the July translator filing window currently ongoing until November 29, the FCC has announced the next step.

All of the singleton applications must submit their longform “Tech Box” filing between December 1 and December 21. The 844 translators in that group are exempt from the upcoming auction of unsettled MX’d applications.

A complete sortable spreadsheet of all applications and their current status is available to our RadioInsight Premium subscribers here.

Today, the Media Bureau (Bureau) announces a window, opening from December 1, 2017, to December 21, 2017, for the filing of FM translator new station construction permit applications for the 844 “Tech Box” proposals. This window is limited to timely filed Tech Box proposals that the staff has identified as not mutually exclusive with any other Tech Box proposals from the Auction 99 Filing Window. These “singleton” applications are exempt from the Commission’s auction procedures.

Required Form and Fees. Each applicant listed in Attachment A must submit a complete Form 349 by December 21, 2017 (Application Deadline) for each of its listed Tech Box proposals. All applicants must also submit, if applicable, the required application filing fee and FCC Form 159 Remittance Advice.

Filing Procedures for Form 349. Applicants must file complete Form 349 applications electronically through the Bureau’s Consolidated Database System (CDBS) online electronic forms filing electronically through the Bureau’s Consolidated Database System (CDBS) online electronic forms filing system. When filing Form 349, applicants must select “Long Form Application for FM Translator Auction Window 99” on the Pre-form for Form 349 (Question 2–Application Purpose). In addition, the CDBS file number previously issued to the Form 349 Tech Box proposal filed in the Auction 99 initial filing window must be entered on the Pre-form in the field “Eng. Proposal File Number.” The long-form applications and amendments filed during this long form window will be afforded cut-off protection, as of the date the complete Form 349 long-form application is filed, against subsequently filed translator applications and amendments. Instructions for use of the electronic filing system are available in the CDBS User’s Guide, which can be accessed at http://licensing.fcc.gov/prod/cdbs/forms/prod/cdbs_ug.htm.

Applicants are encouraged to access the system and prepare their applications at their earliest convenience. Applicants may begin to complete applications immediately. Applicants are also encouraged to submit their applications early during the window to ensure proper filing. However, applications filed before December 1, 2017, or after December 21, 2017, will be dismissed.

Minor Modifications. In its Form 349 long-form application, an applicant may make minor modifications to the engineering data it submitted in its Tech Box proposal. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to power, height, directional pattern, and channel that are considered “minor changes.” The Form 349 long-form application may not create a new conflict to any pending Auction 99 Tech Box proposal, or to any prior-filed Form 349 application.

Application Dismissals. The staff will dismiss Form 349 applications not submitted in accordance with the procedures described above. A Form 349 application that, as of the Application Deadline, specifies a “major change” to the facilities specified in the Auction 99 Tech Box proposal and/or creates a new conflict to a pending Auction 99 Tech Box proposal will be dismissed. The staff also will dismiss, without further processing, any Tech Box proposal listed in Attachment A if the applicant fails to electronically submit a complete Form 349 application for such Tech Box proposal by the Application Deadline. The Application Deadline will be strictly enforced.

Petition to Deny Filing Period. The staff will study the submitted Form 349 long-form applications for acceptability. It will subsequently issue Public Notices in CDBS entitled “Broadcast Applications,” listing those applications determined to be acceptable for filing. A petition to deny the FCC Form 349 application must be filed within 15 days following the release of the pertinent Public Notice. Interested parties should monitor these Broadcast Applications Public Notices.

For additional information, contact Rob Gates or Larry Hannif-Ali of the Audio Division at (202)418-2700. Press contact: Janice Wise, (202) 418-8165

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