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Top Of The Tower Podcast Scott FybushLast night I joined Scott Fybush on his “Top Of The Tower” podcast to discuss the most recent news coming from the Entercom/CBS Radio merger and their spinoffs.

Among the topics discussed are the upcoming frequency swap in San Diego, what Bonneville’s end game may be in San Francisco, the new WFAN lineup, and what iHeartMedia will do with WBZ.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    In the case of Boston, I think iHeart won’t gut WBZ-1030’s programming (at least not yet), but they might well dump the entire WRKO-680 airstaff and replace them with a 24/7 syndicated lineup.

    And I feel that WXKS-1200, once the Bloomberg deal ends, likely will become 24/7 Fox Sports Radio.

    1. Nathan Obral says

      WXKS 1200 will be brokered out to someone like Barry Armstrong, flip back to Mia, or be sold off quietly. Running Fox Sports Radio 24/7 is an absolute waste of electricity on what has become a 50kW white elephant.

      WRKO will not change until WKOX 1430 gets sold off. And even then, it’s safe to say their lineup will remain mostly as-is, with the simple subtraction of Jeff Kuhner for Rush. The morning show and (self-syndicated) Howie are more than enough to retain a semblance of “localism” at ol’ 680.

  2. radioguy76 says

    I agree with Lance there definitely going to be another switch and/or flip in stations between KMVQ and KBLX with another party…Bonneville most definitely wants to buy KOIT again and if its true that once Cumulus solves their financial issue I can see them as a trade partner…imagine Bonneville trades KMVQ & KBLX for KFOG and KSFO…KSFO as a talk station would continue and maybe switch formats on KFOG to country…

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