WPTF Raleigh Realigns Schedule

680 WPTF Raleigh Curtis MediaCurtis Media News/Talk 680 WPTF Raleigh NC has rolled out a new lineup starting today with the addition of two syndicated shows and a midday news block.

Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Show is added to WPTF from 9am-12pm, while Dana Loesch picks up the 1-3pm slot. An hour long newscast hosted by Scott Briggaman will be added from 12-1pm. The remainder of the lineup will consist of Triangle’s Morning News with Patrick Johnson remaining from 5-9am, Rick and Donna Martinez move from 9-10am to take over the 3-6pm afternoon news block, and Briggaman returns to anchor from 6-7pm. Clark Howard’s show moves from 12-3pm to 7-9pm. Tom Kearney from 9-10pm, Jim Bohannon from 10pm-1pm, and Red Eye Radio from 1-5am remain in place.

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