Mark Wainwright Exits Mornings At WSYR Syracuse

570 WSYR 106.9 WSYR-FM SyracuseMark Wainwright has exited his position at iHeartMedia News/Talk 570 WSYR Syracuse/106.9 WSYR-FM Solvay NY after five years with the station.

Wainwright states that his exit came following his show on Friday, July 20 after deciding to move on upon the upcoming expiration of his contract. He joined WSYR after years out of radio in March 2013 as a fill-in host and eventually took the morning slot following the passing of Joe Galuski in 2015. Wainwright was off for parts of 2017 and 2018 while dealing with throat cancer. He stated a willingness to work fill-in shifts for WSYR and other iHeart stations if needed.

Mark Wainwright, the morning host at 570/WSYR, Syracuse, left the station after his final show on Friday, July 20th. He made no mention on the air of his planned departure, but posted a “farewell” blog on the station’s web page, which can be viewed here:

The long time radio personality, who began his career as a disc jockey more than four decades ago, moved into the news/talk realm in the late 1980’s. He had spent several years away from the business until he arrived at WSYR in March of 2013 as a frequent fill-in morning host. He took on an even greater fill-in role when his predecessor Joe Galuski fell ill in 2014, then became the full time morning host after Galuski’s passing in 2015.

Wainwright offers the following comments about his departure from WSYR:

“I’ll skip over a lot of the details, but the end result is that my contract ended in July and I decided to move on. It was as amicable and as mutually respectful a separation as anyone could want. We parted on good terms, and I would not hesitate to work for IHeartMedia again if the right situation came along. In fact, the management at WSYR and several other iHeart stations indicated they would be happy to bring me back as a fill-in or guest host as the need arises, and at least one program director told me he definitely plans to call on me at some point. I’m looking forward to that.

I thoroughly enjoyed my five-year relationship with WSYR. I worked with a very fine staff, and I believe I did the best work of my entire career during these five years in Syracuse.

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to return to radio full time, and that I did it by hosting the morning show at a station with such a great heritage and continuing presence in the community. WSYR is an institution in Central New York.

I’m particularly grateful that WSYR and iHeartMedia kept my job intact during my lengthy and difficult bout with throat cancer. It look forever for my voice to come back, but they gave me all the time I needed to recover. I wanted to finish my contract and go out like a pro, and my colleagues in Syracuse put in a lot of extra time and effort to make that possible. I won’t forget it. My thanks to everyone.”

Wainwright has several personal commitments over the next two weeks, but will be available as of August 6th. Inquiries can be sent to

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