FCC Report 8/12

FCC Actions

Ondas de Vida has been issued a $12,000 fine for operating 99.1 K256BS Palmdale CA at levels higher than licensed. Ondas de Vida was issued a Notice of Violation in April 2016 for operating with an ERP of 33.7 watts as opposed to the 10 watts it was licensed for. The licensee responded claiming it was temporarily using a higher powered transmitter but was now running in compliance with its license. FCC agents returned in May 2016 and February 2017 and found that the translator was still running at levels above its licensed power.

The FCC has granted one year license renewals as opposed to the full eight year term to Dennis Wallace, Court-Appointed Receiver for Christian Rock 93.3 KLUQ Hermann, AAA “101.7 K-Wulf” KWUL Elsberry, and AAA “V104.3” KVMO Vandalia MO, while accepting the surrender of the license for 102.3 KIXK Wheatland MO. The stations were mostly silent from 2013-2017 and deemed unworthy of full renewal yet.

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