FCC Report 8/26: Don’t Go Seeking Publicity For Your Pirate

FCC Juan Alberto Ayala Translator AbuseIf you’re wanting to launch an FM station, its probably is best to know the FCC rules first. Tim Granger and Pamela Lee of Williamson WV have been issued Notices of Unlicensed Operations for their operation of “Rock 104” on 104.1 in Williamson. It likely didn’t help their cause to build a studio facility and generate local publicity for the station.

While Granger claimed that a former FCC employee told him he’d be fine operating the station with 25 watts, that is assuredly not the case. The FCC visited the station on July 24, and within a week the station was off the air. It has since relaunched as a webcaster.

Notices of Unlicensed Operations were also issued to:

  • 89.1 Miami FL – Kingsbridge Development Corp.
  • 95.9 Miami FL – Emerald Terrace Limited Partnership
  • 88.7 Miami Gardens FL – Minnie M. Wilkerson & Louise Kimbrough
  • 91.7 Miami Gardens FL – Ramash Realty, LLC
  • 87.9 Vero Beach FL – Richard Barcelona
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