Immaculate Heart Media Adds Second New York Area AM

Relevant Radio Immaculate Heart MediaImmaculate Heart Media is purchasing 1160 WVNJ Oakland NJ from Universal Broadcasting of New York for $750,000.

The current Brokered Talk format will give way to Immaculate Heart Media’s Catholic “Relevant Radio” network. WVNJ’s signal mostly covering the highly Catholic areas of Bergen and Passaic Counties in New Jersey and Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York complements Immaculate Heart’s 1430 WNSW Newark, which covers New York City and adjacent New Jersey counties.

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  1. TVRadio1972 says

    I don’t see how this makes sense for Immaculate Heart Media unless they plan to sell WNSW. Even though WNSW is licensed to Newark, the transmitter is in Clifton which is less than 15 miles from WVNJ Oakland. There is going to be some overlap in coverage in parts of Passaic County, Bergen County and Yonkers just to name a few areas.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Look at the coverage maps. WNSW has a null to the north and east, which is perfectly complemented by WVNJ. Just because the stations are nearby doesn’t mean they overlap at all.

      1. TVRadio1972 says

        I saw the maps and zoomed them in. There is daytime 2mv/m coverage of both stations in some cities in NJ and NY. However, the idea of them owning both stations isn’t as far fetched as I expected after looking at the maps.

        1. TVRadio1972 says

          As of today 11/27, Relevant Radio programming has begun. I found out by tuning in at about 2:30pm EST.

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