FCC Report 2/10: Multiple Violations For Hartford Area AM & Translator

FCC Actions

Mega 101.7 910 WLAT New Britain HartfordGois Broadcasting’s Spanish Tropical “La Mega” 910 WLAT and 101.7 W269DE New Britain/Hartford CT have been issued a Notice of Violation for the following issues:

  • Making the station available to FCC inspectors during business hours as the station failed to provide FCC agents access to the transmitter on 10/10/2018
  • Operating W269DE with a Transmitter Power Output of 740 watts during multiple field strength measurements as opposed to its authorized 33 watts
  • Missing daytime marking and nighttime red obstruction lighting on the four towers used by WLAT
  • Not notifying the Federal Aviaition Administration regarding the lighting outages
  • Deletions

    The FCC has deleted the license for Cumberland City Broadcasting’s 1280 WCPM Cumberland KY.

    WCPM went silent in August 2016 due to financial distress. It resumed operations in August 2017 but its tower site was destroyed in a windstorm the following December 5. The station filed in early December that it resumed operations in late November but from a temporary facility. That was followed by an application on December 18 to utilize that temporary facility via STA.

    The FCC’s letter indicates that due to the station not operating from its licensed parameter for 365 days that by law the license is expired and deleted as it “resumed operation at a temporary site without authorization and did not resume with authorized facilities prior to the required one-year statutory deadline. Based on our records, and Licensee’s admissions, we find that the Station was either silent or operating with unauthorized facilities from December 5, 2017 to the date of this letter, including the period starting on November 29, 2018 through the present, during which the Station has been operating without authority at its temporary site.” WCPM has already filed a Petition For Reconsideration stressing its financial hardships and that the silence caused by the wind storm was an act of nature.

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