KYW Gets Logo And Jingle Refresh

KYW NewsRadio 1060 Philadelphia EntercomEntercom continues the brand refresh of its All News radio properties with a new logo and jingle package for 1060 KYW Philadelphia.

Replacing its iconic Westinghouse-era logo with a softer lowercase logo that deemphasizes the AM frequency, the move is to “reflect its multiplatform growth and evolution”. The station partnered with musical arranger and Philadelphia native Larry Gold to modernize the station’s jingle package. Actress Deidre Goodwin will be the new imaging voice of the station.

The refresh of KYW’s brand identity follows a similar move at KCBS San Francisco.

Entercom, a leading media and entertainment company and one of the two largest radio broadcasters in the U.S., unveiled a brand refresh initiative for iconic Philadelphia station KYW Newsradio (KYW-AM). The news station, which has been serving the region with “All News, and All that Matters to You” for 53 years, unveiled a bold new logo and brand identity to reflect its multiplatform growth and evolution. As part of the refresh, the station, in partnership with legendary arranger and Philadelphia native Larry Gold, introduced a modern update to its beloved jingle.

“KYW Newsradio has evolved into a modern news organization serving a wide range of listeners across various platforms and we are proud to introduce visual and audio enhancements that reflect who the station is today,” said David Yadgaroff, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Entercom Philadelphia. “The station is a local treasure that remains an integral part of the city and to honor those roots, we worked with hometown artists to capture its essence and develop the refreshed brand identity. Everyone in town sings our jingle and we’re thrilled to introduce this new contemporary sound.”

To capture the station’s unique sound and revamp the iconic musical branding, KYW worked with Larry Gold, who has worked with The Roots, Jay-Z, and John Legend, among others. The KYW Newsradio “anthem,” featuring local string musicians, was recorded in Center City Philadelphia and produced by Man Made Music, who has worked with iconic brands like Nissan, NBC, Paramount and The Coca-Cola Company. Accomplished film and stage actress Deidre Goodwin will be the voice of the station.

“I’m a local boy. The roots of Philadelphia are hard to lose, and KYW is part of my roots,” said Gold.

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  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    Man Made Music and Deidre Goodwin were also involved in the new imaging that WCBS launched last August…

    Also, even though I doubt that there’d be any real public backlash here, I still remember what happened when WPVI tried out a new version of Move Closer to Your World in 1996.

    1. homerjay says

      True, though in fairness it was two decades ago. Perhaps that scenario wouldn’t repeat itself if that song were redone now.

      Though Philly ex-pats we’re playing the Action News theme as celebratory music on the Eagles’s playoff run in 2018, so who knows.

      In this case, though, there have been updates from time to time, so it’s not totally new.

  2. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    It may have been posted about a year ago (and, therefore, doesn’t get into the latest revamp), but one of the other news stories on the topic links to this page on the station’s site that’s largely about the primary signature/hook’s evolution and use (which apparently began in 1978, as part of the “Philadelphia Turns Us On” promo campaign)…

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