FCC Report 7/14: FCC Starts License Revocation Proceedings Against Two Over Delinquent Fee Payments

FCC Actions

Magic 95.9 WPNC-FM PlymouthThe FCC is initiating license revocation proceedings against a pair of stations over unpaid regulatory fees and other debts owed to the FCC.

Durlyn Broadcasting Company AC “Magic 95.9” WPNC-FM Plymouth NC had its license revoked and quickly restored in 2017 over those debts, with the FCC now stating the company owes $11,560.13 for unpaid regulatory fees from 2010, 2012-2016 and 2018.

Livingston Fulton’s Sports 1250 WSRA Albany GA owes $13,804.02 for the fiscal years of 2010, 2012-2015 and 2018.

Both stations are being given 60 days to either pay their debts in full or show cause why the payment is inapplicable or should be waived or notified. Otherwise the FCC will proceed with the revocation of their licenses.

The agency has once again shot down Ed Stolz attempts to harass any business Entercom does in Sacramento as Stolz’ Application For Review of the surrender of license of 107.9 KDND Sacramento in 2017 rather than go through a revocation hearing, Stolz’ Petition for Further Reconsideration for license renewals of Entercom’s Sacramento stations and Stolz and Deborah Naiman’s Petition for Further Reconsideration of Entercom’s purchase of CBS Radio were all dismissed.

In the KDND case the FCC ruled that “Stolz lacks standing to intervene as a party in this
proceeding” and that his petition was repetitious. In the license renewals of the other stations the agency states that Stolz lacks standing and that other licenses should not be affected regardless of “whether Entercom possesses the character
qualifications to hold a Commission license in light of Entercom’s conduct at KDND”.

In the Petition for Further Reconsideration of Entercom’s purchase of CBS Radio, Stolz and Naiman claimed that the resignation of Les Moonves as CEO of President of CBS Corporation changed CBS’s qualification as a licensee but they provided no evidence to support that Moonves’ exit is relevant to CBS’s qualifications to assign or transfer control of its radio station licenses nor would show that grant of the applications is not in the public interest.

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