Weekly Syndicated Show The Connie Club To Debut On Six AAA Stations

The Connie ClubA new weekly syndicated show hosted by Low Cut Connie lead singer Adam Weiner will begin airing on six AAA formatted stations on October 5.

The Connie Club came from a discussion between Weiner and “89.3 The Current” KCMP Minneapolis managers Jim McGuinn and David Safar on how “capture the wild raw abandon all three believed to be possible but seldom heard on the radio.”. In addition to KCMP, which helped to develop the show, it will also air on 88.5 WXPN Philadelphia, 91.3 WYEP Pittsburgh, 91.9 WFPK Louisville, 100.1 WDST Woodstock/Poughkeepsie, and “Indie 102.3” KVXQ Greenwood Village/Denver.

Today, Low Cut Connie’s Adam Weiner announced his new syndicated radio show The Connie Club will air on non-commercial and AAA radio stations beginning October 5, 2019. The show is an hour long slice-of-life broadcast where host Adam Weiner spins Saturday night music of various genres, plays his junky piano Shondra, and interviews local heroes and celebrity guests.

The show debuts in October 2019 and will air every weekend on The Current (Minneapolis, MN), Radio Woodstock (Woodstock, NY), WXPN (Philadelphia, PA), WFPK (Louisville, KY), WYEP (Pittsburgh, PA), and Colorado Indie 102.3 (Denver, CO). Visit www.lowcutconnie.com/connieclub for details. The first slate of guests include Big Freedia, Caroline Rose, Cait O’Riordan and more. The Connie Club is presented in partnership with Ben & Jerry’s and Lagunitas Brewing Company.

The show will be available stream on The Current’s website. Listen to the show’s pilot episode that aired in November 1, 2018.

The show grew out of a conversation between Weiner and The Current’s David Safar and Jim McGuinn about how to capture the wild raw abandon all three believed to be possible but seldom heard on the radio. As Weiner developed the show, The Current team was on board to help him shape his vision into sound.

“I grew up listening to these crazy freewheeling FM radio shows in Philly and New Jersey. I love those shows where people get up and sing karaoke live on the radio and do shout-outs. Local flavor to the max,” explains Weiner. “I built the Connie Club to try to make people feel that wild sloshy dive bar energy. Everyone is welcome, everyone is feeling good, dancing, getting crazy and making mistakes with their lives. It’s a warm-hearted sexy vibe. We have local regulars and special guests who drop by. Our guests sing a dive bar version of one of their songs and tell wild stories from the road.”

Low Cut Connie recently announced the Azz Across America tour with Big Freedia that kicks off on October 24 in Atlanta, GA. Last year, the band released their critically-acclaimed album Dirty Pictures (Part 2) and made their network television debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers. In January of 2019, the band were featured in the print edition of Rolling Stone’s Year In Music issue chronicling their 2018 tour.

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