FM Sports Move In Salt Lake

104.7 The Zone 1280 KZNS The Point KYLZ Millcreek Simmons Salt Lake

The return of Adult Alternative “101.9 The End” KENZ Salt Lake City in late December has begun its domino effect. Simmons Media’s “104.7 The Point” KYLZ, which had assumed the Adult Alternative format following KENZ’s flip to Gen X Hits in April 2010, has shifted to a simulcast of “1280 The Zone” KZNS as “104.7 The Zone“.

Simmons recently acquired 3 Point Media and Millcreek Broadcasting leading to a shuffle that led to a number of stations being placed in a divestiture trust. 1280 KZNS is one of the stations being shifted into the SLC Divestiture Trust I run by Larry Patrick. This shift will enable Simmmons to retain the Sports format going forward.

104.7 The Zone competes with Utah Radio Acquisition’s “ESPN 700” KALL and Utah Jazz owned “1320 KFAN” KFNZ for the Sports radio audience in Salt Lake City.

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