KQMQ Honolulu Zones Out

93.1 The Zone Da Pa'ina Paina Party Namele Na Mele KQMQ Bob Marley Honolulu Ohana Broadcasting

Update 2/7 10:00pm: The release of information hinting at the flip to Namele was a decoy as KQMQ flipped to Reggae as “93.1 Da Pa’ina“.

Update 2/7 2:00pm: KQMQ will flip to Traditional Hawaiian “Namele FM” at 4:00pm.

Original Report 2/5: Ohana Broadcasting CHR “93.1 The Zone” KQMQ Honolulu has dropped its format at noon today and is now stunting with all Bob Marley.

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  1. 93.1 Zone-Addict says

    What happened to 93.1 The Zone? It’s my favorite station to listen to. It played the lastest music with the most variety.

    I was so surprised over the weekend the station played only Bob Marley music. Now they’re switching to Hawaiian? Why so sudden & why wasn’t there any announcement to the listeners about the switch?

    93.1 will be erased from my preset list of stations that I listen to, until 93.1 switches back to The Zone.

    Put the 93.1 The Zone back on!

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