How The National EAS Test Sounded Across The Country

National EAS Test Conelrad Emergency Alert System Broadcast Audio Aircheck Clips

Today’s National EAS test went off today with some hiccups across the nation. Some stations were carrying multiple audio at once, some dead air, some operated as expected.

The New York Times and WTOP report on some of the hiccups seen nationwide.

Here’s some audio clips as it was heard on radio stations across the country:
880 WCBS New York
92.9 WGTZ Dayton
101.5 WCLI Dayton
93.7 KLBJ-FM Austin
96.7 KHFI Austin
95.7 WRIT Milwaukee
102.1 WLUM Milwaukee
96.5 KRBZ Kansas City
106.7 WMHX Hershey, PA
107.1 WRFN-LP Nashville

Update with some more clips:
WCCO Minneapolis
WSOX Red Lion, PA
WMXC Mobile
KNRS Salt Lake City
KBOI Boise
WODE Easton, PA
WPRV Providence
KKGN San Francisco (Recorded in-studio)
WTAM Cleveland (Recorded in-studio)

Here’s the engineering staff at WBAM-FM Montgomery watching their EAS unit receive the data.

Thanks to Chris Stelly, Jeremy Andrews, Scott Sands, Rob Zerwekh, and Jeff Lehmann for contributing some of the audio heard here.

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  1. Joseph says

    I don’t know if the technology exists for it, but I wonder if it would be possible to intercept Internet surfing for an EAS message so that whatever page on the Internet someone was visitng would be suddenly replaced for an EAS test or alert message of some sort.

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